Robots, Robots, Robots
Alpha Playable Demo

Everyone is a unique person. And it is a well-known fact that not all people in the world are kind and companionable. The reasons may be different. However, problems appear when it is necessary to maintain constant contact with them. Another complicated aspect is realizing that you have a high conflict personality. In these cases, your task is to study the specifics of ways to overcome this problem. Along with psychological work, it is important not to forget about entertainment and, for example, play games. At the same time, you can start developing or creating something new.

It is far ready from the finished game, but the alpha version should keep you busy until the real game is finished. Keen an eye on the developing news. Click here to play the game.

Hello, I am Peter Bot
Multi Media Artist

Born and raised in Amsterdam and surroundings in the year of 1970. From the moment I could hold a pencil I was doodling and drawing around. My interest was mainly comic books and drawing - mostly unfinished comic books. Together with a bunch of friends we read every comic around and tried to recreate them with our own hands, trying out every style. Also some of our biological questions were solved by semi-illegal comics and not strangely we also had a shot at them. It kept us from the streets so to say …

And then the streets got a hold on me and started a complete new creative adventure. One were in the middle of the night you sneaked out of the house, avoiding to wake up your parents, keep the family dog quiet and made no noise with all those spray cans you carried around. In the dark of the night, one ear scanning the appearance of the cops, alone or with a few friends you put your creative mind at work. As teenager this was all you wanted from live, speeding around on a skateboard with a aerosol can in the hand and have fun. Sex, drug and rock and art… Amsterdam was the perfect place for all of this.

Guess I’ve been running around with spray cans for nearly 10 years before I realized I could create the same thing, with much less hazzle on canvas. From then on the spraycans went out the windows and started to experiment with oil, acrylic and god no what. In the end it was back to comics. Little bit later I got myself a scuba tank and started to travel the world for nearly 6 years before finding a nice palm tree and here I am….. blowing bubbles during the day time and being creative in cyber space - and many other dimensions and spaces…