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  • Slaughter in Taiji

    You're out numbered and surrounded in the Taiji bay, kill as much fishermen as you can before they capture you!.

  • Ninja Bobble

    Do you have what it takes to become a Ninja Bobble? Patience and a killer insitnct needed..

  • Bank Heist 2030

    Even in the future they have bank robbers. Get as much loot as you can and escape before they catch you!

  • Debris Diver

    Collect all garbage to free the ocean from all the debris we left behind. Maintain good diver ethics by not touching the fish and bottom and keep an eye out on your air gauge. Can you free the oceans of filth and imrpove your high score?

  • Flag da Tank

    Retro arcade tank shooter. Capture all flags and fight through 16 various deadly levels old school style! Just have fun!

  • Iguana Iguana

    Collect enough fruit to conquer the heart of your love, but she won't wait forever! Stay alive and run for your love!

  • Robots, Robots, Robots

    Robots control the world and are destroying the last human survivors. Your task is to save as many human DNA samples and send this to the central storage unit so humanity can start over on another planet far away from the Robots.

  • Star Warp Station shuttle operator

    Do you have nerves of steel to guide all these shuttles to their right destination? Made in one week for itchio One Button Game Jam

  • Merlin's Dungeon

    Merlin's long lost treasures guarded by a mechanical Dragon. Unarmed you enter the Dungeon. What can go wrong? Made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare#36 Game Jam